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Wood industry

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The growth rates of woodworking production. Production index in wood and cellulose industry. Business wood requirement.

According to the experts estimate the growth rates of woodworking in 2003 took – 4.4.5% (in 2002 the volume index took 2.4%). Instead of it this growth is carries out (as experts consider), thanks to cellulose industry, as the volumes of woodworking are less increased.

According to the Official statistics data woodworking and cellulose industry index in comparison of I part of 2003 and 2004 took 105.3% and 105.1%.
According to the Ministry of natural resources data the world business wood requirement  will grow on 100 mln м³ towards 2020 and the main source of wood satisfaction will be Russia.

About 22th of companies are acting in wood industry (data of 2003) with number of employees more then 1000000 people (about 7% of total number working in Industry).
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