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Building market

Building market
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The volume of Moscow house-building . The volume of Moscow region house-building. Building and construction technique market. Building and construction technique (used) marker capacity.

In 2003 for each one Moscow resident took about 23 m² of living square. For nearest time planning to increase this number for 35 m². For comparison: in developed European countries this middle number takes 40-70 m². In Russia at the beginning of 90-ths this number took - 18 m².

Volume of Moscow house-building
The every year Moscow house-building program 2005-2012 has been improved.
Every year minimum house-building volume in Moscow since 2005-2012 should takes of 4 mln 200 th of m², including:

  • Of town demand – 1 mln 600 th m²
  • Commercial house-building – 1 mln 500 th m²
  • Departmental  - 300 th m²
  • Principal – 200 th m²
  • On ground areas with formed rights of property – 600 th m²

The total number of  house-building areas in massive Moscow regions will takes – 6 mln m²

House-buildings volumes in Moscow region
The program of house-buildings  in Moscow region 2005-2010 improved. Total volume of house-buildings till 2010, according to the data of Buildings Ministry (Moscow region), would take more then 30 mln m² (more then 4 mln m² per year), and also preparing demolition of  3 mln m² of wear buildings.

By the way, house-buildings will be acting in demolition regions of 5-floor and wear buildings. In total instead of 5-floor houses will build more then 14 mln m² of house-buildings, and in places of demolition wear houses about 4 mln m².

Building and construction technique market.
The main consumers of building and construction technique new and used – are building, construction, extractive, wooding, repairing and agricultural companies. The general aggregate of Moscow and Moscow region, S.-Petersburg and S.-Petersburg region consumers~15 000 organizations.

Consumers segmentation shows 3 main segments. About 30% of consumers – building companies, 20% - companies do build-mounting work, 20% - companies do building and construction work. Other segments are – drilling activity, motor depots, underground buildings, companies of oil, gas, mining and woodworking producing branches.

The volume of Russian technique production  - 55 th per units a year (data of Scan market). The volume of technique imports into Russia – 10 th per units a year (data of Custom department).

The capacity of Moscow used technique market
The general year capacity of Moscow used technique (import) market in currency (2003) took ~80 mln $ (data of “NVM Business Consulting”).
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