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Партнер «РБК.Исследования рынков»

Furniture market. Russian children furniture market 2005.

Language: Russian\ English
Volume: 30 pages
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Furniture market. Russian children furniture market 2005.

The aim of report is analysis of the main market data and describing of the main market operators.


Cabinet researches: analysis of the main data from specialized press, marketing researches of the whole furniture market and individually of children furniture market, on-line monitoring in Internet; interviews with the main market operators in the framework of exhibition Mebel-2005 (Expocenter, November 2005)

Unit 1: The main data of children furniture market development
        1.1. The main indexes of furniture market development
        1.2. Volume of Russian cabinet furniture production
        1.3. The share of children furniture in cabinet furniture segment
        1.4. Children furniture market capacity (in currency)
 Unit 2: Children furniture classification
         2.1. Furniture for new-born children
         2.2. Furniture for schoolboys
         2.3. Furniture for young schoolboys
         2.4. Furniture for teenagers
Unit 3: The main market operators
          3.1. Description of the main producers
          3.1.1. Russian producers
          3.1.2.  Foreign producers
Unit 4: Price monitoring in Moscow retails (retail prices; by the sets and  single parts)

Tables, figures, histograms, diagrams.
Figure1. Dynamic of Russian population (2001-2005) (Official statistics for 01.01.2006)

Figure 2. Dynamic of Russian population by age-groups (2004-2005) (official statistics).

Figure 3.  Capacity of children furniture market (mln $). Assignment of capacity indexes  by the age-groups.

Figure 4. Volume of Russian children furniture production 2004-2005 (expert’s estimates).

Figure 5. The structure of Russian children furniture production by the sorts. 2004.

Figure 6. Dynamic of specialized children furniture production (fro schools and infant schools, 2004г.

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