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Партнер «РБК.Исследования рынков»

Lightings. Russian lightings market research 2005.

Language: Russian\ English
Volume: 30 pages
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Lightings. Russian lightings market research 2005.

The research contains the main information about market development in Russian, including analysis of the main market data and describing of the main market operators (Russian and foreign

There were made 60 deep-interviews with the main market operators   during the research preparing. 

Unit 1 contains source information about lighting market development ion past-soviet period.

Unit 2 contains analysis of the main data (production, imports, exports, apparent consumption).

Unit 3 is devoted into market development in Russian regions, including demand differentiation by regions and the main factors influenced of market development in regions.

Unit 4 contains data of large companies (154 companies), acting in light producing of Russia.

Units 5, 6,7 contain information about the main sorts of lighting fixtures (technical and residential lighting fixture), including capacity indexes, price segmentation and sales structure. By way of additional information there is a short review of lamp market.

Appendixes of research contain description of interview respondents and description of the main lighting fixtures distributors.


Cabinet researches: analysis of the statistical and primary marketing  information, internet-monitoring, monitoring of the specialized press,  deep-interviews with market operators.
Unit 1. Introduction
1.1. Historical review of market development in Russia.
 1.2. The main tendencies of offices, commercial objects and others objects light  market development.
 Unit 2. The main data
2.1. Production and apparent consumption 2004/2005
2.2. Import
2.3. Export
2.4. The most well-known foreign companies on Russian market (top 20)
2.5. Residential lighting fixtures (В2С segment)
 2.6. Technical lighting fixture (В2В segment)
 Unit 3.  Market development in Russian regions.
 3.1. Demand differentiation by regions
3.2. factors influenced on lighting fixtures development in regions.
 Unit 4. Russian companies
 Unit 5. Residential lighting fixtures
5.1. Market capacity
5.2. Import
5.3. Demand structure and residential fixtures consumption.
 Unit 6: Technical lighting fixtures
6.1. Capacity market indexes of technical fixtures.
 6.2. The main market operators
6.3. Price segments
6.4. Sales structure of commercial (inside) fixtures
6.5. Sales structure of commercial (outside) fixtures
6.6. Experts forecasts of technical fixtures market
 Unit 7: Lamp market
7.1. The main data
7.2. Large market operators
7.3. Lamps consumption in different segments
7.4. The main tendencies of lamp market development
Tables, figures, diagrams and histograms.

Figure 1 The main data of the lighting fixtures market 2004-2005 (mln $)

Figure 2 Volume of lighting fixtures apparent consumption by the main segments (mln $). 

Figure 3 Residential fixtures (mln $)

Figure 4 The structure of fixtures demand by sorts (2004-2005), %

Figure 5 The structure of fixtures consumption by the light supplying methods 2004-2005, %

Figure 6 The competitive countries on residential fixtures market

Figure 7 Breakdown by the main segments of technical fixtures (mln $)

Figure 8 Breakdown of technical fixtures  consumption by the types of lamps, %

Figure 9 Sales structure of commercial (inside) fixture, %

Figure 10 Sales structure of commercial (outside) fixtures, %

Figure 11 The main competitive countries in commercial fixtures segment

Figure 12 Consumption structure of residential lamps, %

Figure 13 Consumption structure of technical lamps, %

Table 1
Production of the main lighting sorts (mln items)

Table 2  Changes of demand sources on lighting fixtures 1990-2004.
Table 3. The main data of market capacity indexes in whole 2004

Table 4 Most well-known foreign companies on Russian market.
Table 5 Description of the main market operators in Russia and CIS countries.
Table 6 Price structure of residential fixtures supply in Moscow retails ($)

Table7 Most popular foreign TM in Moscow retails. 

Table 8 Price segments and sales structure of commercial fixtures.
Appendix 1. Description of the main distributors.
Appendix 2. Interview respondents

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