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Партнер «РБК.Исследования рынков»

Realty and building industry. Russian building and construction technique market, 2005.

Language: Russian\ English
Price: 22000 rubles /780$\ 650€
Volume: 77 pages

Realty and building industry. Russian building and construction  technique market, 2005.

Report contains information about the main Russian market operators: date of the main producers and sellers (Russian and foreign).
The particular accent in report is made on Moscow market as main consumable segment. Present situation and tendencies of development.

Unit 1 contains the main market data: production, exports, and imports. Also it contains classification by types and sorts of research technique, including production describe characteristics. The main types of construction and building technique, which are shown in report: loading, road, building, specialized, industrial, communal and excavation.

Unit 2 contains information of the main market operators (Russian and foreign). Also described consumers favors in technique choosing by the types, technique and price characteristics.

Unit 3 is devoted on used construction and building technique. The main sellers of used technique with middle price of 2005 description are listed.

Unit 4 consists information about rent of technique, with distribution of the main rent companies and their conditions of work.
In total of report there is analysis of the main market tendencies. And is made forecast of medium-term perspectives of market development. 


Unit 1. Modern construction and building technique market.
 1.1. The main market data.
1.2. Technique classification
1.3. Technique production in Russian 2004-2005.
1.4. Price politics
Unit 2. The market operators (producers/sellers) representing on Russian market.
 2.1 The specialized Russian producers
2.2 The main specialized foreign producers
2.3. The main sellers in Russia (Russian and foreign)
2.4. Consumers and their favors
Unit 3. Used construction and building technique market.
3.1. General information about Russian used technique market
3.2. Areas of used technique in Moscow
Unit 4. Technique rent system
4.1. The main rent companies
4.2. General conditions of work
4.3. Description of rent technique
4.4. Price monitoring
Unit 5. Tendencies and perspectives of market development.

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