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Партнер «РБК.Исследования рынков»

Furniture market. Russian kitchen furniture market, 2005.

Language: Russian\ English
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Volume: 50 pages

Furniture market. Russian kitchen furniture market, 2005.

The aim of report kitchen furniture market discretion by the main operation factors: Russian productions, import, consumption market capacity, end consumers’ favors. Report contains factoring analysis of Russian kitchen furniture market development. It’s consists data about the main Russian market operators. Great part of report is divided on kitchen furniture consumers favors: by the complication, by the front and panels colors.

2. Modern tendencies of Russian furniture market development. 
2.1. The main data of furniture market development: production volume, import, export, growth rates of Russian furniture industry.
2.2. Factors influenced on Russian kitchen furniture market development.
2.3. General furniture structure. The share of kitchen furniture in general structure.
 3. Russian kitchen furniture producers.
  3.1. Short review of the main Russian kitchen furniture producers (companies profiles).
4. Market volume: consumption capacity in natural and currency indexes.
5. Imports (kitchen furniture)
6. Market price segments
7. Consumers favors
7.1. Favors by complication (kitchen furniture suit)
7.2. Favors by  the materials of fronts
7.3. Favors by  panel decoration
7.4. Favors by colors
7.5. Favors by domestic technique including to the whole kitchen furniture suit
8. Appendix №1 Interview respondents
Appendix №2. Information sources

Report rending in print