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Furniture market. Total report of Russian furniture market (1–st part, 2003 г.)

Language: Russian\English
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Volume: 30 pages

Furniture market. Total report of Russian furniture market (1–st part, 2003 г.)

The aim of report is description of Russian furniture market in whole. Report contains information about consumption volumes of furniture in Russia, structure of furniture market in regions, furniture producers popularity etc.

Great accent is made on furniture consumer’s portrait, and his favors. Data, representing in report can be used in carrying out the marketing strategy of furniture companies, especially in furniture sales.

Methods: monitoring of specialized press, experts estimates data (reprehensive of the main furniture companies, associations), own researches (data of round-tables, carrying out by agency, on furniture exhibitions in Expocentre and Sokolniki 2002-2003, data from interviews (500  respondents  in 20 retails, Moscow, 2003)

1. Furniture consumption
2. Russian furniture market structure by regions
3. Furniture demand
4. Portrait of furniture consumer
5. Furniture sales
6. Furniture producers’ popularity
Table 1. «Furniture sales volumes in Russia 1997–2002»
Table 2. «Russian furniture market structure  2002 , %»
Table 3. «Selective data of specific furniture consumption of 1 Russian resident in 2002 (by regions, %)»
Table 4. «Respondents favors by countries-producers»
Table 5. «Russian population breakdown incomes, th of families, 2003»
Table 6. «Frequency of furniture substitute »
Table 7. «Interiors, which are using/changing more often»
Table 8. «Frequency of furniture buying (between respondents)»
Table 9. «The structure of demand for assortment line of common furniture »
Table 10. «Consumers favors by furniture colors »
· Figure 1. «Share of import  multiplier in Russian furniture prime cost, %»
· Figure 2. «Furniture rice segments, %»
· Figure 3. «Respondents motivations in buying furniture »
· Figure 4. «Consumers portrait »
· Figure 5. «Share of Russian large  producers on market and theirs position in popularity rating»

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