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Партнер «РБК.Исследования рынков»

Woodworking market. Russian OSB panels market. ( Oriented Standard Board) (part 2), 2005

Language: Russian\English
Price: 11800 rubles /440 $\ € 340
Volume: 43 pages

Report is based on information monitoring of OSB panels market development in Europe, North America and Russia. A report includes marketing information by the following units:
 by the investigated product (with its classification and comparative by the physical-mechanics characteristics);
 by the main market data: OSB world production and apparent consumption;
 by the OSB suppliers in Russia.
Reports includes experts estimate of market volume for the present moment and medium-term forecast.

Appendix: Data of the market history and technologies of OSB panels production.
Methods: content-analysis of Russian and foreign specialized press, experts interviews with Russian producers and foreign suppliers of panel materials.

1. Product definition     
2. The main world market data     
2.1 OSB world production 
2.2. OSB consumption
3. Product classification   
3.1. OSB types
3.2. Physical-mechanics OSB characteristics 
3.3. Physical-mechanics plywood characteristics 
3.4 The main OSB proportions, using in Russia 
3.5 OSB goods characteristics
3.6. OSB Codes TN VED   
4. ОSB  advantages
5. Possible OSB substitutes
6. Product adaptation and consumption in Russia  
7. OSB suppliers, representing on Russian market  
7.1 Swiss group: Swiss Krono Group 
7.2 Glunz AG (Germany) 
7.3 Egger International (Austria) 
7.4 Kronospan (Kronospan Schweiz AG) 
7.5 Others 
8. Market volume and future trends of the Russian OSB market
8.1. Volume of consumption in Russia 2002-2010 (forecast) 
8.2. Projects of production organization in Russia
8.3. Experts estimates of market development in Russia for the nearest time.
9. Appendix №1 From the history of market development
10. Appendix №2 OSB production technologies
11. Appendix №3 Price monitoring (Moscow, S.-Petersburg, May 2006)

Graphs and tables:

Table 1. Dynamics of OSB production facilities development in North, South  America and Europe countries.
Table 2. Market capacity in  South-East Asia countries and in Australia 2005 (th. m³)
Table 3 OSB consumption  (th. m³)
Table 4. . Physical-mechanics OSB characteristics by the EN standarts:
Table 5. Physical-mechanics plywood characteristics 
Table  6. OSB goods characteristics
Table 7. Experimental estimate of the wood panels characteristics.
Table 8. Physical-mechanics indexes of wood panels
Table 9. Experts data of the OSB consumption volumes
Table 10. Production forecast in Russia 2005-2015

Graph 1. OSB production
Graph 2. Comparative indexes of OSB apparent consumption in Europe and North America.

Report rending in print