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Партнер «РБК.Исследования рынков»

Building materials market. Russian doors market (part 4, November 2006)
The report of Russian doors market (part 4) consists of 6 Units. In Unit 1 are representing comparable data by the main capacity market parameters in 2005-2006: volume of production, imports, exports in natural and currency exponents. There is an analysis of natural exponents of Russian doors blocks production 2003-2006. Also Unit 1 includes region breakdown by the volumes of the doors blocks production (natural exponents) by the Federal Russian Regions. The comparable analysis of Unit 1 is build on the basis of Official statistical data and forecast models basis on times series. Unit 2 consists of the doors market structure description, including the structure by the way of producing, by the production materials, by the decoration of the door leaf and the way of opening, also the price structure and demand seasonality. In Unit 3 are listing the main doors market operators: Russian and foreign. And also there is a share breakdown of the import and Russian production on Russian doors market. Unit 4 is devoted to the main distribution channels description, with short reviews each of them. And also there is a listing of the dealers networks of Russian producers/sellers of import doors. Unit 5 is devoted to the consumption segments (B2C and B2B), including the share breakdown of demand between these segments. Also this Unit includes the description of consumers favors and demand breakdown by the price segments. Unit 6 – is final Unit and includes information about the main trends and forecasts of the doors market development in Russia.

Woodworking market. Russian OSB panels market. ( Oriented Standard Board) (part 2), 2005
Report is based on information monitoring of OSB panels market development in Europe, North America and Russia. A report includes marketing information by the following units:  by the investigated product (with its classification and comparative by the physical-mechanics characteristics);  by the main market data: OSB world production and apparent consumption;  by the OSB suppliers in Russia. Reports includes experts estimate of market volume for the present moment and medium-term forecast.

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