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Партнер «РБК.Исследования рынков»

Furniture market. Total report of Russian furniture market (3–d part, November 2006 г.)
Furniture report (part 3) consists of 6 Units: First Unit includes the main market data: production (natural items, currency), apparent consumption, imports and exports (natural items, currency). In this Unit are representing data of different sources, such of them data of Official statistics and experts estimates. Also representing dynamics of furniture production (natural items) 2002-2006 and in currency 1997-2006. Unit 2 consists of furniture market structure description, including description of the main segments: upholstered furniture, kitchen furniture and cabinet furniture. Units 3, 4 include description characteristics of each furniture segments, including lists of the main companies (of each segment), an d also segmentation by the consumption and price parameters. Unit 5 includes description of the main distribution channels (retails and wholesale), including regions, with a short characteristics of each type. Unit 6 is completely devoted to furniture consumers, including consumers porter, with its favors by the qualitative and price parameters and its buying motivations. This Unit is based on interviews, providing with furniture consumers at different retails: Furniture trade centers, Universal trade centers, furniture salons and boutiques, specialized furniture trade centers.

Lightings. Russian lightings market research 2005.
The research contains the main information about market development in Russian, including analysis of the main market data and describing of the main market operators (Russian and foreign)

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