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LUXURY Institute in Russia

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Real estate market

  • 2006-2008 - working out of the marketing concept for elite residence Garden quarters
  • 2006-2012 - Carrying out expert interrogations on the Moscow  market of the elite real estate  
  • 2008-2010 - working out of the marketing program for advancement   project of a business class  residence in Sochi
  • 2005-2006 - participation in expert groups and working out of a marketing part of the project luxury complex "Red October"

Event Marketing (Happykarta project, Luxury Insitute project, Garden quarters events) 

Luxury market

  • 2007-2012  –  marketing review “Russian consumers of luxury (in section the elite real estate)”
  • 2008 - 2010 preparation and carrying out of marketing researches:  "The Russian market of luxury, forecasts and prospects", “Portrait of the buyer  elite real estate ", “Russian luxury Market ( segment jeweller brands)”

Building industry

  • September 2005 – Research of Russian non-metallic materials market for company “Nyerud Invest”.
  • January 2004. Brunswick Capital – report of column cranes rent market
  • August 2003. Business-plan working out of sport-entertaining centre building (project – “Shodnyenskiy kovsh”).
  • June-September 2003. Business-plan working out for GK “Rossmek”, marketing researches of structural departments, entering of GK (building companies selling building and constructing technique).
  • 2000 – “Krost” – marketing research of business class house-buildings by consumption segments.


  • 2002-2004. Line of projects by the market researches of mobile connection market for “Vympelcom”.
  • 2001. – Marketing-plan working out for promotion of company  “ZebraTelecom”
  • 2000. – Working out program of marketing communications for CIT. 
  • 1999. – Working out program of marketing communications for “Makomnet”.

Furniture business

  • 2003-2004. -  Furniture manufactory “Impulse Plus” – research of cabinet furniture market in Russia. Working out program of business communications.
  • 2002-2003. -  CSIL (Italy) – carrying out of every year reports of Russian furniture market by different production segments.
  • 2003. – Exhibition “Euroexpomebel” -  organization and carrying out of round-table discussion about Russian furniture market development.
  • 2001. – Companies association of furniture and woodworking Industry in Russia – organization and carrying out of round-table discussion “Marketing in furniture business”.  


  • 2002–2003 гг. KOMI Wood company – Researches line of woodworking market (MDF, Laminate), working out business-plan of MDF production
  • 2002 г. IMS Engineering - carrying out of doors market research.
  • 2001 г. “Sveza-les” group of companies – carrying out of panel materials and furniture billets market research.


  • September 2005. – Working out of marketing research and carrying out of business plan of scrape-iron processing manufactory creation for company group “NMK”


  • October 2005. Preparing project of Moscow restaurant market for “ROSINTER RESTAURANTS Holding”.

Cinema Industry

  • 2002 г. Carrying out of researches line and working out of business-plan by the “Virtualniy kinoteatr” project. (Iwereks technology).
  • 1999–2001 гг.  Line of projects for “Kodak-Kinomir” (market research of distribution, marketing-planning, event–marketing)

Other projects

  • Working out  of business-plan and marketing communications program (projects for Moscow restaurants).
  • Castable market research, castable producer’s sales activity program
  • Marker research of shoes billets, working out of business-plan of manufactory buildings (soles production).
  • Market research of internet - commerce (for Luk’oil-Market).
  • Current situation studying of complex systems for business-processing automation in large and middle companies and their units (project BMC) in context of Moscow market.
  • Complex estimate of advertising bearer in Moscow Railway (for Southern Industry-Investment group).
  • Working out of marketing-communications program (project of mortgage insurance) for PSK (Industrial-Insurance company).