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Marketing agency:rules of surviving.

Natalya, are you agree with today’s market of marketing researches is in crisis?

Absolutely not.  Of’ course, it has changed in comparison of its condition in middle of 90-th and a lot of cheerful hopes of 5 years prescription hadn’t justified. The re was no giant growth rates of it, but market is functioning and developing in normal way.  And what is more, it has been exactly segmented for today, what is also a show of some stability.

For example, today on market of marketing researches may say about subsistence of 3 budget spheres. High price segment is formed by companies, in which marketing research cost 50 000 $. In middle price segment, which includes our company too, research cost 5 000-10 000 $. And low price segment includes companies which suggest extremely low prices, almost damping prices. However in this case there is only one question: quality of work?

Of’ course, this participation is able to be conditional, because price of marketing service is formed not only by whole strategy of price system, but by objective factors – first of all - choosing of researching methodic.

Nevertheless, it can be established, that today market is enough participated between companies, which are entering in different price segments. And it rather shows stabilization, then uncertainty.

If we estimate market from consumer’s position? Why such  idea like: “marketing researches  - are not fixed service, but necessary element of work” – is not popular in Russia  heretofore?

I think, that such meaning – it’s the question of not far future. At any case, it question is considering by specific changes of demand for the last several years. Let’s say, when we started to work in our today’s collective (after 1998-th year), our first clients themselves didn’t understood for what they need marketing researches. And managers needed to show great talent and gift of convenience, for improve clients, that they really need such service.

Companies couldn’t introduced received materials in theirs regular business processes?

I think, that duty of results introducing in business practice is not only on client, but on agency, which organize this research. Exactly agency must direct companies on most important for them indexes.

For example, we try to take care of our clients form the beginning of our work with them - until we start to gather information.
As known, in first level of work – it’s very important to understand aims and sums of research, and also methodic of introducing materials in future. It seems to be simple rule. But, very often, of some reason, we are coming to collision, that in technical sum of our clients, and not in secret our partners, aim is formed like in marketing book. It’s not right.

Aim must be practically posed, based on what kind of data are really necessary for company in marketing policy and business process building.
Moreover, we are one of such fewer agencies, which during 2 weeks after finishing research support our clients by the research free of charge. In this period we have closely work with client and explain opportunities of using received materials.

If we get more information as a result of it’s gathering, in comparison of what includes research, we are always ready to impart of them.    For example, we do interviews between consumers in retails, at the same time we observe sellers work. And although we do not need to do this work, we use this facts, for giving client more deep situation understanding.

It seems to be that your principle is “client is always wright”.

It’s the marketing basis. But in whole logically to suggest, that face of any market forming not only demand, but quality of offer. If we proceed from this, we understood, that principle role in marketing services market development takes marketing agencies and appoint of it’s professional standards.  At this time, any facts of unfair work provide consumers to doubt of research advisability. For example, focus-groups – classic research methodology, which gained bad reputation in Russia.


On the level of brand-marketing focus-groups gained some faith. But very often marketing managers, doing researches, use this methodology not rightful (maybe following clients tests) and results do not justify themselves.

For example, our partner, enough big research company, wants us to carrying out recruiting of exclusive house buildings buyers focus-group. Do you clear it on you mind, what is? I principle, this aim is to be fulfilling, but you must taking to account, that well-off people  - it is enough closed social group, and during preparing project inevitability that it will be a lot of psychological and organizational difficulties.  But it’s not secret for anyone that sometimes in such cases are using closed specialized legends and methods for gathering information. But the main question is – that is rational to use another method, not so expensive. For example, to make deep interview  with consumers by principal of personal contacts.
Another problem – reliability of research information. It is “sick” question in activity of small research offices. There are a lot famous cases, when important projects are doing by strength of several students, which are doing their researches by the way of reconstructing of old and another one projects or by internet-monitoring. + 2 or 3 of calls to some profile Research Company for getting consulting and to compare indexes.

I don’t mean that additional data or internet-monitoring are not for using in contains of research. Today it is really integral element of marketing manager work, but it’s impossible to basis on such results without any data checking and interviews checking.  In another word in limits of marketing research internet-monitoring must be planning, but not of system made. Let’s take method of summary indexes, when every member gets some trusting index. It’s clear that internet in this case will be not on the last place but at the end of list.

Tell us Natalya, what kind of useful instruments of marketing researches in Russia are not using?

One of directions, which not using in Russia – “Bench marketing”. For this time it’s not of wide using in Russia, because in most of trade categories market do not arrived to level of richness. But when it’s rising question of civilized market, then its rising question of the product and services quality and of using Bench marketing.
Another words you mean, than soon Bench marketing will be actual tendency of marketing?
Yes. Will promote it till the end of 2003.