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Modern look on marketing.

How to do such thing - to produce something, what can be sale and do not try to sale something what is producing. What is marketing and for what it is necessary? What’s the different between PR and advertising?
Without professional market knowledge, and especially its main subject – consumer, success in company is impossible. About all this I’m talking with general director of   «NVM Business Consulting» - with Natalya Moskaleva. 

General director — Natalya Alexandrovna Moskaleva. Graduate from economical faculty of Moscow University MGU and post-graduate course.

About during 1 year was working in publishing company in London. Returned to Russia, got into marketing department of shoes company “Tervolina”. Then was working as marketing director in company «VessoLink».

In 1999 created and headed «NVM Business Consulting».
Hobby – tennis literature. Considering herself very exigent director. Live credo: «Rational optimism».

Company «NVM Business Consulting» was founded in 1999. From the beginning  its activity was only marketing consulting. Now, company offers whole specter of marketing services. 
We were positioned on market like agency of marketing communications, acting on marketing, PR, advertisement, sales stimulating, consulting, trainings and s on. Of 3 years working on our agency had been installing such fields of working like: buildings, telecommunications, woodworking and furniture industry.
Sometimes we have unusual projects. For example, last year we research market of rubber clump by the bespoke of some Italian shoes company. On of the interesting directions in our company are Trainings for managers and directors by organizing departments of marketing in company’s structure. Special interests are form region companies, which very often do not have marketing departments on their companies.

How does your work build with client?

At the beginning it’s necessary to understand what client wants. And only after exact forming problem we are starting to work. Market is dynamic structure, which is in moving all the time. Consumption demand even in short part of time can greatly change. Without taking to account these facts product and service producers can’t valuable work, what in future will provide damages or deficiency of possible benefits. The process of marketing researches includes gathering information not only of quantitative data and qualitative market characteristics, but expert’s estimates. Our main principal of work with client is to search not standard conclusions and personal methods. There are no equal problems so there are no equal standard conclusions.
For the clients, which were doing in our agency researches we can carrying out of PR-company. Marketing services and PR-services market is functional and   contains  a lot  levels.  Basis on our preliminary monitoring we can analyze situation, which is formed around the client (form point of view of PR-action and position), working out of PR-program. Sometimes client wants PR-services for   saving money on erect advertisement. We are looking of how is reasonable for client to working out of PR-company or erect advertisement and how effective will be co-operation of these 2 methods.

Who are your clients?

«NVM Business Consulting» — not big agency, oriented on middle companies of different fields of Industry. But sometimes big region companies, which do not work with any marketing agency, ask us to help them.

How do you see your agency in near future?

From the beginning of next year, when the government program of small business supporting will active, we’ll be able to position us to client like a “business-incubator” and estimate perspectives of formed companies, direct them to the right channel.  Also we are going to organize cycle of trainings for regional clients with the trip on local place. But the main and important principal of our work always will be non-standard methods!