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Marketing in practice

All-Russian conference in Moscow

All-Russian conference of May 17 2005 in Moscow
Realism and perspectives of Russian furniture market: What says marketing analysis?”

International exhibition company :MVK”
“NVM Business consulting”

Official support:

  • Moscow government
  • Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Ministry of Industry and Energy of Russian Federation

General information sponsor:

  • Publishing house “Tsarev”

Information sponsors:

  • Informational and analytical magazine “Mebelniy mir”
  • Magazine for specialists in furniture business “Vse o mebeli”

The conference organization carries out on 13 International specializing exhibition “Euroexpomebel-2005”
MVC “Krokus-Expo” Conference hall - №3, time 15-18 pm

Preliminary program:
Welcome speeches for members from organizers of conference (aims and tasks of conference, order of conference and report subjects)
The president of NKO “Soyuzmebel”, Representative of Minpromenergo, active manager of Market consumption and service  department of Moscow government A.M. Kotchetkov, Representative of Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Subject: The main statistical data of furniture market development in 2004 and realism of furniture market (comparison of statistics and data of market researches). “NVM Business Consulting” Moskaleva Natalya Alexandrovna.
The centre of industry development FGUP “GNC LPK” Novak Galina Kirillovna.
Subject:  “Structure of furniture marker by the main segments” “NVM Business Consulting” Moskaleva Natalya Alexandrovna.
Subject: “Cabinet furniture – the most consumable and problematic segment of furniture market – about what are talking market experts and specialists”. OAO “ITKOR” Goroshenko Lyudmila Glebovna, Furniture concern “Katyusha” Lagutin Sergey Ivanovitch.

Subject: The development and advancement experience on branch market of trade mark “MebelVill’”. Tumen’ DOK “Krasniy Octyabr’”, Zhitinev Sergey Leonidovitch.
Subject: Upholstered furniture – market growth rates and stagnation”.
“Conception “Barhatnaya revolution” as the instrument of upholstered furniture market development. Company “Group 396”, Polyakin Alexander Gennadiyevitch.
Subject: “Kitchen furniture – Russian and foreign producers in leadership competition”.
Subject: “Office furniture – perspective market for Russian   producers (from Moscow to regions)”. The distribution centre “Taipit”, Kulyagin Alexander Vasilyevitch.
Subject: “Furniture sales – the main channels and sales methods on Russian market and abroad”. OAO MKO “Sevzapmebel”, Vlasov Dmitriy Borisovitch.
VNIKI Ministry of economical and trade development in Russia, Krivikotchenko Larisa Vasilyevna, NKO “Soyuzmebel” Tsarev Alexander Vladimirovitch.
Subject: About what are talking consumers (consumers’ favors estimate)

Subject: Forecast of furniture market development: as optimistic and as pessimistic estimates. The script presentation of furniture market development for 2015, preparing by NKO “Soyuzmebel”, in terms of  LPK script in 2015. NKO “Soyuzmebel”, Tvildiani Yuriy Konstantinovitch.
Members performance on conference, open discussion and reviews.

NKO “Soyuzmebel” as the supporting union in Russian furniture market development.