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Партнер «РБК.Исследования рынков»

Marketing consulting in Russia is quantitatively developing. Necessity in consultants and rest organizations, specialized on marketing, is intensifying in press of competition and increasing technologies. Importance of consulting services is improved by time and of wide range of using. No need to care in state employees for doing period work. 

Evolution of marketing communications is divided in appearance of communication audit.

Communication audit study information directions inside of organization, for example:

  • Researching apprehends, like  individual elements  and in whole mode of company
  • Determination of  the main stereotypes of apprehends
  • Denoting the specter and range of company communications

Also are showing:

  • Analysis of position in mass media of the main company competitors
  • Level estimate of “information delivery” form advertising and PR
  • Examination of using sources and types of outside information
  • Problems and assigns are shown
  • Creation of the inside portal for members forums and bring into them useful information

Audit data are analyzing and systematizing, based on carrying out of recommendations:

  • Forming the system of inside information directions
  • Correcting the marketing policy
  • Improving the understanding of company’s aims and cooperation between sub-units

NVM Business Consulting suppose to regulate inside and outside information policy in interests of your business.