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Партнер «РБК.Исследования рынков»

Cabinet researches used to analyze second information. It basis on  outside articles and materials, which sometimes includes:

  • Inside reports
  • Official information
  • Lectures
  • Financial reports
  • Other company’s materials or her competitors

Data for cabinet researches are:

  • Press-clipping of official sources
  • Official statistics
  • Federal statistical department
  • Data centre of Federal custom department
  • In case of necessity are getting additional specialized information, and researches of latest works.

Cabinet researches – first level of marketing research. It’s pluses of small finance and less time.
Analysis of second information allow to operatively estimate the market condition, fundamentally low marketing research budget.

Second information sources (free of charge):

  • Thematically press publications
  • Specialized mass media
  • On-line mass media publications
  • Branch sites
  • Official information
  • Law base
  • Official statistic data and data of Federal Custom Department and others field organizations
  • Region administrative organizations data
  • Brach reports and researches
  • Branch sources

Second information can’t be absolutely improved, that’s why we keep in reports all references of data sources (date and place of information appearance). 
Second information is comparison to different informational sources. Agency working out of hypothesizes, based on summary data from different sources, which are testing  later basis on quantitative and qualitative researches.