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«Couching is free people for be more open and bold to make more risk and considerable decisions, more useful and considerable acts».
The Wall Street Journal

Couching — it’s the new services of  NVM Business Consulting, working out especially for directors and general managers. This type of  marketing consulting is used basis on individual foundation and imply personal work.

You learn:

  • Exactly define marketing aims
  • Working out and realized strategic plans
  • Marketing management by yourself

Personal trainings are following in case meeting “face to face” in form of discussions which are last about 1.5 hours. The coucher  is working at the clients work-station. During  discussion coucher and client are determine and exactly formed demand and working out exactly acting plan.

Important couching specialty – is absence of necessity to make tables of discussion. Client with coucher help can solve the most important problems with saving of needing level of his business confidential.

You learn how:

  • Organized marketing system in company
  • To carry out of marketing research by company’s strength
  • To plan marketing budget
  • To measure effects of advertising company
  • To promote trade mark
  • To integrate elements of marketing communications

The imperative condition of such training – whole time in it.
Between trainings can be telephone couching, wich is limits are 10-15 minutes – and used to correct acting plans.
The price of such service – 60 $ per hour