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Партнер «РБК.Исследования рынков»

Quantitative data do not  discover suggestibility of audition in condition of products and services. That’s why quantitative researches are add of qualitative  researches.

Types of quantitative researches:

  • Focus-groups
  • Deep interviews
  • Experts estimates
  • Observe methods

Focus-groups are modulate perceptions of aim audition of products/services.

Deep interviews make clear consumers’ concealed motivations.Experts estimates fixed and forecast  the market dynamic using Delphi-method of concealed  factor.
Observes help insensibly for consumers analyze theirs reaction and behavior in moment of buying goods. This method s also used in Mystery Shopping, where in spite of filling the statistical card – interviewer includes the indexes of visual character.

We recommend the standard set: 10 deep interviews, 5 experts interviews. Researching of aim audition with high finance is conducting by special   sources and price of it higher.
Prepared analytic report is based on information, received in quantitative research.
The bearers of basic data on audio and video sources, questionnaires – are given to client in fact of improving work. 
Experts interviews in some cases can be replace of public experts estimates, in free of charge in serious and authorized sources.